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The significance of the first look

Let me start by saying there is absolutely nothing wrong with not seeing each other until you walk down the aisle. Many of my couples ask me whether they should have a first look. If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering the same thing. In my professional opinion, I think they are an excellent idea. I love first looks! I know that they are a tad bit ‘untraditional,’ but let me take a minute to explain the benefits of a first look.

Your wedding day will be crazy busy. No getting around it. You have so much to do and so little time to do it in. When you have a first look it helps to calm down the day a bit. Instead of trying to rush around to get everyone together and have pictures taken between the wedding ceremony and reception you’ll have that time to relax and enjoy your guests and not have to worry about being rushed or late to your reception. We can do all of the main portraits before the ceremony even begins – at the very least, the bride and groom and bridal party photos. This way, your hair and makeup are still perfect, as they were just finished. If your family is coming earlier, we can do their photos beforehand, as well, or we will only have to worry about those portraits after the ceremony and not the bridal party shots. This gives you time to drink, be merry, and enjoy your cocktail hour. (Plus let us be honest... you paid for the food and drink, so I am sure you want to partake in it right?)

A first look also gives you an incredibly special, intimate moment with your spouse. If you are nervous or stressed out, this will especially help to relax you and settle any last minute nerves that come up, your spouse can comfort you and let you know it will all be OK. During the ceremony, there are many people around and you cannot fully take in the moment because everyone is staring at you. With a first look, that moment is just between you and your spouse and you truly get to soak that moment in and just be the two of you and know that is the last moments the two of you have before the next chapter in your life begins. It is truly a tears a blazing moment and I get to photograph it as all those moments unfold.

If you decide to have a first look, your spouse will still shed a tear and be just as amazed to see you walking down the aisle and you’ll still take his breath away. Do not worry that you will be spoiling the moment by seeing them prior to the ceremony. If you have any questions on first looks and what that looks like give us a call!

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